Implant Restoration

At South Milwaukee Family Dental, we provide implant restoration to give you back your smile! Whether your existing implant was damaged or you need a restoration after surgery, we are your trusted team to give you a seamless smile. If you are searching for implant restoration in the South Milwaukee, WI area, call our team today to schedule your visit!

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Although dental implants have a high success rate, sometimes the dental crown will need attention following treatment. If you have had an implant placed at another dental office and are in need of implant restoration, our team can create and place a new crown that blends in with your existing teeth and completes your smile. With proper care, we can help your dental implant continue to last and function properly. 

Customized, Thorough Treatment

Our team is experienced and well-trained in implant restoration. Through care catered to fit your dental needs, we will provide a new or replacement crown that is made to last. Our dental crowns are durable and long-lasting, custom-made to fit your smile and blend in with surrounding teeth. We’ll utilize our best resources to meet your specific needs. 

Placing the Dental Crown

Our office specializes in securing the dental crown once an implant has already been placed. Oftentimes, we will receive a referral from the surgeon or doctor who placed the implant. If you are referred to our office, rest assured that you will be in trusted, experienced care. Our team has helped several patients successfully complete the implant process, allowing them to enjoy the final results in the dental implant process.

Customized Comfortable Care

In our office, you’ll find a team that has been built to meet your needs. From advanced technology to one-on-one support, our goal is to provide you with the very best. Our community is important to us and so is each and every one of the people who make up our community. Our way of giving back to our community is through exceptional dental care and helping each patient feel confident with a complete smile.
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